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The foot and ankle complex serves as the foundation of our bodies. Often, injuries to these areas are due to the insufficient strength, mobility, and positioning required to support our bodies all day long. Injuries to this area often involve muscles, ligaments, and tendons. 

Common injuries and conditions include: 

  • Achilles tendonitis/tendinopathy 
  • Ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis 

At TrueFix Physical Therapy, we are highly trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the above conditions that might be affecting your ability to be pain free and do the things that you love. An individualized approach and attention to your specific deficits is paramount for proper recovery and return to the activities you love. 


Ankle/Foot Conditions We Treat

Achilles tendonitis/tendinopathy Your achilles tendon (which connects your calf muscles to your heel) can get inflamed if it undergoes repetitive use or overloading relative to what it can handle. Very debilitating, it seems to get in the way of everything you do. Proper loading and an individualized approach will restore and enhance your ability to do what you love.  Ankle sprains Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments of the ankle are overstretched after excessive ankle twisting/bending. The old “rest it and put some ice on it” philosophy for treating ankle sprains has gone out the window with recent evidence. It’s important to get in sooner rather than later.  Plantar Fasciitis The plantar fascia is a strong connective tissue on the bottom side of your foot. This tissue can become inflamed if the demands you are placing on it are too much for it to handle. Increased strength and mobility of the structures around the plantar fascia will unload this structure and restore it back to baseline. 



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