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What is blood flow restriction training?

The Problem

Surgeries, injuries, or any other aches and pains make it more difficult to push ourselves during strength training due to discomfort or other limiting factors.

The issue is that in order to get better and heal, we need to get stronger.


A Solution

Blood Flow Restriction Training 

How it Works

We apply a specialized cuff that serves to compress firmly around the limb that we are aiming to train.

This cuff compresses tight enough to create an environment for your muscles that mimics a high intensity training environment.

Why This Matters

  • Gaining strength is a fundamental principle that needs to be addressed when recovering from an injury or rehabbing through pain.
  • Working at an intensity high enough to make strength gains is sometimes not possible due to pain/disability when attempting to rehab. 
  • Blood flow restriction training allows you to train at a much lower intensity, but still gain strength and reap the benefits of high intensity training. 
  • Gaining strength = healing faster = feeling better

We’ve attained great results when incorporating BFR into the programs of a vast variety of clients. Here are a few examples of who benefits the most:

Injuries to Muscles and Tendons

Clients suffering from injuries to their muscles or tendons are often limited with the amount of weight they can tolerate. Not due to weakness, but due to pain. BFR allows us to train below the pain threshold while still making gains. The results are fantastic.

Performance Enhancement

For those who are healthy and not limited in their training, BFR can be a great addition to your program. Muscles experience normal wear and tear after high intensity training sessions. BFR allows muscles to experience the same amount of stress, with less of the wear and tear, making it a great substitute depending on your program. You can either add a set of a BFR lift after a session of high intensity training, or implement a BFR workout as a “recovery session”.

Post Surgical Clients

Depending on the surgery, a person may be limited in the amount of weight they can lift for a period of time. BFR allows us to stay within the necessary weight precautions while still building strength.



Blood flow restriction training is a service that our clients can take advantage of during a full physical therapy session or as a stand alone “a la carte” service. All new patients are required to undergo a full initial evaluation prior to using BFR as a stand alone service so that we may get to know your history and make sure this is a treatment that is appropriate for you. 

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