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What is Dry Needling

Dry needling is defined as a skilled intervention that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Trigger points are taut bands of muscle tissue that are irritable to stimuli of compression, stretch, or contraction of the tissue. People will sometimes refer to them as “knots”. There are several theories as to how these trigger points develop, and the most popular theories involve overuse of a particular muscle band that results in the painful taut band.

Trigger points often refer pain to other parts of the body. All of the muscles in the human body have common pain referral patterns. For example, a painful sensation in the hand could really be referred from muscle dysfunction in the shoulder. A common site that people will experience this type of referred pain is in the head. It could be mistaken for a headache but actually be referred from the neck. We assess areas above and below the involved area, in order to determine the root cause of the pain and dysfunction.

Dry needling is not to be confused with acupuncture. Although the type of needle is the same, they are different treatment methods. Dry needling is performed with the intent of releasing trigger points in muscles or surrounding tissues. Acupuncture is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, as an alternative treatment for medical conditions, with the philosophy of releasing chi (energy flow) in particular manners. Both can be used for treatment of pain, but the approach is vastly different.

Sometimes electric stimulation (e-stim) is coupled with the dry needling. This is referred to as intra-muscular electric nerve stimulation. You may be familiar with TENS, which is transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation – utilizing sticky pads that are placed on the skin over the painful area. The same electric currents are used, but they are delivered directly into the muscle tissue via the inserted needle(s), so the stimulation can be more isolated to the muscle we wish to target.

Dry needling can help to reduce pain and improve mobility, so that you can express your joints through greater ranges of motion. It’s often a powerful component of the comprehensive plan of care that is created specifically for you.

The Problem

When the human body sustains an injury or is misused, muscles and the nervous system can undergo changes. 

These changes = pain and dysfunction for you. 

They often present as knots in your muscles and/or a disconnect between your brain and the muscle itself, which often leads to weakness/dysfunction.


A Solution: Dry Needling

Through extensive evaluation, we are able to identify muscles that demonstrate signs and symptoms of these changes. 

Once we identify the particular muscle, we take an extremely thin needle and insert it directly into the identified tissue.

The Result

Increased blood flow

Decreased banding (tightness)

Decreased spontaneous electrical activity

Biochemical changes

Central nervous system changes

Why our patients love us


We offer physical therapy, dry needling, and body health plans that have helped improve the lives of many people you may know personally in the Kansas City area! Read success stories and learn how TrueFix Physical Therapy can help you get back to the activities you love!

As a gym goer and owner I’m working out a lot and going after my fitness goals hard. But that came with nagging neck and shoulder pain that just wouldn’t go away. I met with Dr Dave. He helped me rework my upper body routine to progressively increase the strength on lagging muscles that were causing the pain. Highly recommend these guys. They’re the best. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Dave!
Carissa KrahlCarissa Krahl
13:36 22 Jul 23
I have a history of chronic low back pain even after a discectomy in my lumbar spine several years ago. I had tried PT in the past without much luck but opted to try again with someone new, and I'm so thankful I found TrueFix. I knew that the chronicity of my pain would take time to reverse, but after a few months my pain has SIGNIFICANTLY improved to a point I wasn't sure was even possible! Thank you!!
Celeste CookCeleste Cook
18:26 21 Jul 23
Dr. Dave was caring and thorough! I felt comfortable the entire visit. He made sure to check all areas relating to my pain and was able to pin point it and gave me exercises to help heal the area. I can truly say I no longer have an issue with this area! Dr. Dave has continued to check up on me! TrueFix loves their patients and wants the best for them!
Chanawee PrinyaruxChanawee Prinyarux
22:43 14 Jul 23
I express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care and treatment I received during shoulder rehabilitation at Dr. Dave's clinic. His expertise, dedication, and support significantly impacted my recovery. His personalized attention, friendly demeanor, and ability to create a positive atmosphere were remarkable. His motivation and belief in my abilities pushed me to surpass my expectations. I have significantly improved my shoulder mobility and strength and am grateful for his exceptional care.
Katelin ZapolnikKatelin Zapolnik
03:39 21 Jun 23
Both therapists are great and adjust their plan to match what works best for you! In a short amount of time Dave helped me exceed any goals I had and I am now back to running/jumping after over 4yrs!
Drew MartingDrew Marting
22:41 02 Jun 23
I would highly recommend Dave & Eric at TrueFix! Dr. Dave saw me on very short notice for a knee injury. He did a very thorough assessment and answered all of the questions I had. Dr. Dave then offered several stretches and exercises to help rehab and fix my knee. TruFix exceeded my expectations and I would definitely go back again!
Dave RinkerDave Rinker
13:31 16 May 23
I have been dealing with elbow pain for a number of months. Dr. McNeil (Dave) took time to listen to my concerns and then thoroughly examine me to make a diagnosis. He gave some immediate treatment that made an impact and provided clear directions on actions for me to take to build and improve my strength for future adventures. I would recommend anyone go and see Eric and Dave to help resolve any issues they need help to resolve.
Sarah FitzmauriceSarah Fitzmaurice
19:58 06 Jan 23
TrueFix Physical Therapy is awesome! Definitely better than other clinics I’ve been to that do not feel personalized and you feel like just a number. David is very knowledgeable, caring, and creates a motivating environment that I am very comfortable in. He had me try new things I hadn’t experienced before with other PTs including dry needling which I really found effective! The space is also inviting and well equipped, I look forward to future visits with David and highly recommend him for your physical therapy needs.
Joshua ZarsJoshua Zars
19:55 06 Jan 23
TrueFix Physical Therapy is an amazing resource for anyone looking to regain the ability to live with out pain. Dave and Eric are excellent therapists and work in a way that actually solves your challenges. To get you back to doing what you enjoy, they build your strength in a balanced and meaningful way. The rehabilitation program I experienced with Dave, retaught me how to do necessary movements and exercises in the proper manner. Dave also challenged me each session to push myself toward my full potential. The name TrueFix, is perfectly suited for this business as they truly care about fixing whatever is holding you back from whatever you enjoy.
Ashlea MulhallAshlea Mulhall
20:26 06 Nov 22
I highly recommend using Eric for your PT needs! He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your concerns. He does a great job of giving you exercises that are achievable and easy to follow at home. I was experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis and was unable to run or workout anymore. I also experience neck, shoulder, and back pain from my career. Eric did dry needling treatments, spent an hour with me once a week and emailed me a step by step schedule to do at home (even had videos of each exercise). I am back to running and working out with no pain anymore. I am so happy with my results! I will continue to follow up with him quarterly to maintain my strength.
jordan vermillionjordan vermillion
01:37 02 Nov 22
Dr. Vargas is such a great listener and was quickly able to pin point my shoulder impingement as well as a hip joint issue which is something that I had been living with for years and it was not getting better. From the first appointment, he diagnosed and explained what was going on and how to fix it. Through physical therapy and dry needling, he tracked my progress. My shoulder and hip are not only back to normal, but my strength is better than it has been for several years. His approach is customized for each person, and his way of explaining the issue, as well as the treatment options is exactly was I was looking for. He is a positive and encouraging Dr. and coach. You can tell that he believes in his patients and wants them to excel and overcome their particular issue. He went the extra mile to also help me outline future strength goals and the best way achieve them along with an exercise plan and diet tips. I would definitely recommend Dr. Vargas to anyone that is ready to take care of those aches and pains once and for all.
Eli GierynaEli Gieryna
15:55 15 Aug 22
I've had a great experience working with Eric at Truefix Physical Therapy. He's incredibly knowledgeable about his work and also has a patient demeanor — it's very different than most PT experiences in that you'll get to spend your whole appointment working directly with him. He works hard to explain everything he's doing so you're informed as a patient and feel empowered to work once you leave his office.I came in for some general mobility issues and he was able to target the most critical areas for improvement for me (which turned out to be my hips). I saw noticeable improvement even in a week and six weeks later, I'm moving much better — I even hit a squat PR the other day, which I attribute solely to being more stable and mobile.Highly recommend TrueFix if you need a PT in the KC area.



Dry needling is a service that our clients can take advantage of during a full physical therapy session or as a stand alone “a la carte” service. All new patients are required to undergo a full initial evaluation prior to using dry needling as a stand alone service so that we may get to know your history and make sure this is a treatment that is appropriate for you. 


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