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What is dry needling? Let us break it down.

The Problem

When the human body sustains an injury or is misused, muscles and the nervous system can undergo changes. 

These changes = pain and dysfunction for you. 

They often present as knots in your muscles and/or a disconnect between your brain and the muscle itself, which often leads to weakness/dysfunction.


A Solution: Dry Needling

Through extensive evaluation, we are able to identify muscles that demonstrate signs and symptoms of these changes. 

Once we identify the particular muscle, we take an extremely thin needle and insert it directly into the identified tissue.

The Result

Increased blood flow

Decreased banding (tightness)

Decreased spontaneous electrical activity

Biochemical changes

Central nervous system changes

Improved mobility, so that you can express your joints through greater ranges of motion. Whether that’s rotating your shoulder during a golf swing or flexing your hip while you’re picking up your grandchildren.

Increased strength, so that you can increase your performance in your daily and recreational activities.



Dry needling is a service that our clients can take advantage of during a full physical therapy session or as a stand alone “a la carte” service. All new patients are required to undergo a full initial evaluation prior to using dry needling as a stand alone service so that we may get to know your history and make sure this is a treatment that is appropriate for you. 

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