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The knee is a hinge joint that is highly influenced from the hip, the foot/ankle, and all the tissues/structures in between. There’s a lot going on near this joint, and injuries to this area often involve muscles, ligaments, tendons, or the joint itself. 

Common injuries and conditions include: 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patellar tendinopathy (runner’s knee)
  • Iliotibial band (IT band) syndrome
  • Meniscal tears  

At TrueFix Physical Therapy, we are highly trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the above conditions that might be affecting your ability to be pain free and do the things that you love. An individualized approach and attention to your specific deficits is paramount for proper recovery and return to the activities you love. 

Knee Pain

Knee Conditions We Treat

Inflammation in your knee joint can lead to an excessive breakdown of the cushion like cartilage in your knee. Although this condition sounds like an end all be all, physical therapy has been shown to greatly reduce the symptoms and limitations you may be feeling.

Patellar Tendinopathy (runner’s knee)
Given the name runner’s knee due to the excessive loads that are placed on the patellar tendon (the tendon that connects your front leg muscles to your lower leg bone). Proper loading and return to optimal capacity is crucial to get you back to what you love.

Iliotibial band (IT band) syndrome
IT band syndrome occurs when the tight connective tissue like band on the outside of your thigh/knee (IT band) compresses excessively on your outer knee. This condition is common in runners and endurance athletes and can be resolved with proper loading and an individualized approach. 

Meniscal tears
The meniscus is cartilage that cushions your knees during activity. Tears to this structure can occur in people of all ages and activity levels. This condition does not always require surgery, and an individualized approach can help you restore your knee symptoms and function. 



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