Take back control with TrueFix Physical Therapy.  High quality, consistent, and individualized care is the foundation of our company, and what we pride ourselves on the most.

  • Are you looking for a long-term fitness solution that allows you to live an active lifestyle?
  • Do you want to build strength, lose fat, and restore your body’s ability so you can feel confident again?
  • Do you want to increase the intensity of your workouts but fear re-injury?
  • Searching for a way to increase strength and mobility so that you can keep up with your family and friends?
  • Want to accomplish all of the above alongside a medical professional extensively trained in musculoskeletal health and movement?

Never guess what you should be doing with your workouts. Our team here at TrueFix is ready to help you feel confident and reach your fitness goals the right way.

Keep reading to learn more about our Medical Fitness Coaching here at TrueFix.

Here at TrueFix PT, we know very well that there are millions of options today when it comes to fitness. We know how important it is for active individuals to find a productive workout program that will help them achieve their goals – and that’s why we want to help with our Medical Fitness Coaching program.

Our patients and clients choose us because we know what they are capable of and we know how to help them reach their goals while also taking into consideration their past injuries, the way they move, and even their everyday lifestyle.

Imagine not having to think about every little movement and if it was going to make your condition worse! That’s our goal for you. We want to eliminate worry and maximize optimal performance so you can reach your fitness goals and full potential while doing so.


Patients have trusted us to provide an exceptional and effective approach to physical therapy.

Eric Vargas was my PT.  He was incredibly knowledgeable, went through exercises and stretches with me, not only telling me what to do but also what muscle groups were being targeted and why.  He truly was a miracle worker.

I’ve been dealing with knee pain for over a year and a half, to the point where at its worst, I didn’t want to move.  I went to countless doctors  appointments, had two MRI’s, went to multiple physical therapists, and got my knee injected way more than I’d ever want to.  I had resigned myself to no more.  No more long walks.  No workouts with impact.  But today I finally ran a full mile without pain and it’s all thanks to Eric.  I could not have done it without him.  He truly is one of the best physical therapist around!!

Katie H.

I was having pretty substantial lower back pain at work for several months, and as a dentist it was difficult to work. I tried going to a chiropractor several times but they only provided short term relief and the pain never fully went away. I went to Dr. Vargas once a week for a month and did my at home physical therapy and my back pain is completely gone. Highly recommend Dr. Vargas.

Austin R.

Dr. Vargas has been a life saver for me!

I came to physical therapy looking for relief from arthritis, degenerative disk and fibromyalgia. I had been to various doctors, pain specialists, chiropractors, massage, and practiced various exercise routines that either didn’t help at all or only made the pain worse. I had major depression and a major lack of motivation.

At 65, instead of feeling as if all I had to look forward to was more pain, Dr. Vargas empowered me to take control of my body through learning the correct exercises and how to keep myself motivated.

Thank you, Dr. Vargas!

Judith L.

TrueFix Physical Therapy

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