The Functional Life Program

Functional Physical Therapy and Strengthening for People 55+

Get Strong. Be Independent.

Here’s the problem… As adults age, their functional capacities tend to decrease.

This can lead to: 

  • Feeling like you’re constantly tired
  • Aches and pains throughout your body, especially towards the end of the day
  • Increased falls, injuries, and an overall decrease in functional independence

Aches and pains

What You Can Do About It

A decrease in functional capacity means that the activities that were once easy for you (like carrying laundry, going up stairs, or doing yard work) are now performed near your max capacity.

mobility coaching

Simply by increasing your functional capacity… in other words, getting stronger.. you become healthier, more capable, and more independent

mobility coaching

How We Can Help

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will take traditional physical therapy techniques used to alleviate pain and dysfunction and blend them with a modern, yet safe, approach to strength and conditioning. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Dialogue

A thorough dive into your history and personal goals is the beginning step towards curation of your indivdualized program. 

Step 2 – Assess Your Movement Vitals

What are movement vitals? Just like heart rate and blood pressure can give insight into the health of your cardiovascular system, there are measurements that can give insight into the health of your musculoskeletal and movement health:


      • Gait Speed
      • Grip Strength
      • Ability to get down and up from the floor, and more

Step 3 – Set a Plan

Our Functional Life Program spans 8 weeks for a total of 16 visits. You and your Doctor of Physical Therapy will set a plan for you to work through your journey of becoming a stronger, healthier, and more capable version of yourself. 

Take Control of Your Future and Your Health


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